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Legal investigation services

Expert and confidential support for law firms and legal professionals in Canada

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Your fully licenced private investigation partner

Every case deserves attention and a specialized approach but finding the time to give each their due can be difficult with a large caseload.

Our team of investigators provides confidential and unbiased results, no matter how complex your case is. Whether the evidence you need is a written report, photo, or video evidence (or all three), we tailor our process to serve your needs.

We can provide seamless litigation support and intelligence for family, civil, commercial, and criminal matters. We offer tailored services to help you build a strong cases.

Comprehensive investigative services

Our team works with law firms across Ontario to support and strengthen their cases. We help law firms and individual legal professionals save time and build strong case. Our services include:

  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Asset or property searches
  • Ski tracking and locate services
  • Process serving and document services
  • Spot checks
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